Only $50 (Usually $150!!!)

Barbering Business Startup 2.0

Stop missing out on money and opportunities because your business is not set up properly!

Here's what you will learn:

✅  Details about how to create an LLC for your state - It's different for each state. Learn what to do for your state.

✅  How to create your EIN - This is like your social security number for your business

✅  The exact steps to set up your business properly.

✅  Get your business in order so you can receive loans and grants Find the mistakes that business owners make that costs them thousands of dollars

✅  How to create a branded business email address - Send your emails like a large corporation

✅  How to get a business phone number - Learn how to get an 800 number and have your callers dial by name (FREE and PAID options

✅  How to appear as professional as possible - There is no reason that you can't appear online just like the largest corporations!

✅  The best place to open a business bank account - Choose the right solution for your business

✅  Websites Find out the best type of website for your business


What you'll get:

➡️  Beginner friendly step-by-step instruction

➡️  Checklist of everything you need to start their business

➡️  Access to the replay for 30 days